It’s All About Multi-tasking

The reality of what’s happening is really settling in; about three months from now we are leaving the country!

This is how we feel about it:

There are seemingly countless things to do but we are checking items off our lists.

We’re making progress with home renovations. We’re going to rent our house, but it needs a bit of work before we can advertise. Last week Josh recruited some friends and put in a new driveway; we didn’t have one before and this will make parking so much more convenient. This Friday we have contractors coming in to finish repairing the fireplace and chimney, which did not appear to have had any maintenance done since being installed in the 1950s. We tore down the old, dilapidated back deck and have the plans finished to build a new one. After that is done we’ll put up drywall and re-floor the attic/second level. Those are just the big projects!

The Foreign Service Institute (where Josh has been in training all these months) offers classes to spouses and family members if space is available. I signed up for beginners Portuguese (the official language of Mozambique) and have been studying for about a month so far. And I am loving it! It’s a distance learning course so I do everything online, and once a week the mentor and I have a phone call where we try to converse only in Portuguese. It is so fun to be learning a new language again, and Portuguese is beautiful. I know a bit of Spanish and the similarities have been helpful, but the sentence structure and cadence is quite different. Last week we talked about the last movie I’d seen (The Martian – it was good!). If you’re curious, the Portuguese word for rocket is “foguete.”

We’ve been making progress getting our papers and files in order. Our diplomatic passports arrived a few weeks ago which made everything feel very official. Applying for visas was a pretty painless process and we’re waiting to receive those. We met with our attorney and had new wills, medical directives, and powers of attorney drawn up and notarized. I’ve gathered my medical records and just need to get Josh’s squared away, and we’re making appointments for our vaccinations and any final doctor’s appointments.

Speaking of doctors, I severely sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and it’s really slowed me down. Thankfully nothing’s broken and I just need to be patient (ha). I was referred to physical therapy and will start that next week. Here’s hoping everything heals quickly!

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