One of the best things about moving is purging your stuff.

The current state of our living room! The color-coded stickers help identify where everything will go.

We are saying goodbye to so many old t-shirts and tired shoes. Consolidating endless bottles of cleaning supplies and beauty products. Recycling ancient magazines and scanning and shredding all documents. I’ve always been sentimental about this process; it can be hard to let go of certain items that remind you of a particular place and time, or of who you used to be. But now is a pretty great time to make changes and it feels good to clear out stuff we no longer need!

Deciding what to do with everything else is almost more difficult. What comes with us to Africa and what goes in a storage facility? Our weight allowance for moving household goods overseas is decent. However, we don’t need to bring any furniture (except our bed) as housing is furnished, and we don’t want to bring priceless-to-us items (like my vinyl record collection) in case of evacuation, damage or theft. It looks like our household goods shipment will primarily include kitchenware, clothes (and they say you need to bring for every season, because you never know where you’ll go), and consumables (household supplies, nonperishable food, etc.). We’re also bringing some camping supplies, lamps and books. Almost everything else we own will go into storage. Aside from the vinyl, which my parents have graciously agreed to hold onto. It was kind of weird sitting down with my Christmas ornaments and deciding which were too special to risk losing and which would help make our foreign home feel like Christmas.

The moving company sent someone over this week to identify all our belongings and ensure the movers have all the equipment they’ll need for our pack-out. Moving day is at the end of the month!

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