Mozambican beaches are beautiful! A few weekends ago one of Josh’s colleagues invited us to join him and his family for a short trip to Macaneta. The beach is less than an hour’s drive north of Maputo and we hit no traffic on Saturday morning. We drove to Marracuene where we waited for the ferry to take us across the river to the peninsula’s beach. The ferry cost about $0.25 for Josh and I to cross roundtrip. The lodge we stayed at for the night sent a truck to pick us up from the ferry and we bounced through cow fields on sandy roads. I didn’t take any pictures (was too busy enjoying good conversation, food, and drinks) but the lodge grounds were lovely. We stayed in self-catering chalets surrounding the main building’s restaurant, lounge, and pool area all shaded by low “monkey fruit” trees.


A short boardwalk takes you out to the beach, which is dotted with a few huts offering shade. The ocean is strong here and pretty sandy but it is warm and felt amazing! We boogie boarded and found hermit crabs and had a few drinks.


At night we had a barbecue and then went out to the beach again to look at the stars. We were able to find our way by the moon but there were no other lights, so we saw everything. It was actually rather comforting to be able to see the Milky Way and some familiar constellations. I caught a shooting star as well, so it was pretty much perfect.

As the closest swim-able beach to Maputo I know we’ll be back. I hear sea turtle (tartaruga marinha!) season is in August and I am so excited to see them!


This week has been good, we made some new friends and I learned more about volunteer opportunities through the Embassy’s American Cultural Center. This weekend we are visiting Catembe beach and then going to the Irish Embassy’s St. Patrick’s Day Party!